How to Get Longer multi-color mascara factory in 12 Steps

Learning how to get longer multi-color mascara factory can be quite an art, and however much mascara you layer on, it takes quite a skill to separate them into a curl so they flutter when you blink.

1. You need to cleanse the multi-color mascara factory of all mascara and make up, so they are stripped right down and clean to begin the process of making them longer.

multi-color mascara factory
multi-color mascara factory

Utlbr.2. You need to soften up the mascara a little so it’s not so tough to brush on. To do this simply place it on a radiator or somewhere warm so as to make the texture smoother to brush on.

3. Using the comb which came with the mascara, brush the multi-color mascara factory vertically straight from top to bottom so that they are evenly separated and you are pleased with their look.

4. Now using your eyelash curler, curl your eyelashes for no more than 30 seconds.

5. Next, take the wand and swirl it around the tube, making sure not to pump it, and then carefully dab the end of the eyelash bristles with some clean tissue.6.Using the mascara wand, gently brush down, swiping the root at the top of the eyelash. Keeping the multi-color mascara factory separate can be tricky so you may need to manoeuver the brush in a zigzag movement.

7. The trick for making them curl up is just before the mascara dries, comb the wand up from the underside of the eyelash, again making sure you’re happy with the results.

8. Occasionally the multi-color mascara factory may remain stuck together, so with a clean wand brush down to separate them just before they’ve finally dried.

9. Again, repeat on your other eye.

10. For the lower lashes, brush upwards with the eyelash brush in a vertical position, gently ensuring not to touch the upper eyelash.

11. Now the upper multi-color mascara factory should have fully dried out now, however if you’re unhappy with the results, you can always repeat this or if there are any lumps simply brush them out with a clean wand.

multi-color mascara factory
multi-color mascara factory

12. Once both upper and lower eyelashes have dried, feel free to apply another coat for that extra sultry look, just be careful not to go overboard as when layered on too heavily the look can be a little terrifying unless your going for the more gothic approach.

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