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Should We Bother To Cleanse and Tone Our Skin?

Recently I have been adamantly reminded about the utter importance of using cleanser and toner twice a day for your handmade mink lashes routine. A friend of mine who is a beautician insists that toning especially is a must. The reason why is: if we use face wash and water twice a day, the water actually takes away a lot of the good oils in our skin and washes it all away leaving us with dried out skin, we usually cover this then with moisturizer so we don’t notice the damage it does to us. Using cleanser and toner however, by first cleansing the skin you will be removing the dirt that has entered the pores, which is totally natural after a days wear and tear on the face!

handmade mink lashes
handmade mink lashes

Utlbr After rubbing in the cleanser, remove it either with a tissue/cotton wool pad OR in this case washing your face with warm water is fine. Then apply some toner to a cotton wool pad and gently remove all of the excess cleanser and dirt etc. After this, apply a thin layer of moisturizer, and this will then create the perfect base to then apply your foundation and organic mineral handmade mink lashes , which is really the best because of its natural ingredients.

By using toner, it actually creates a handmade mink lashes barrier over the face and defends the pores so that bacteria can’t get in, therefore preventing spots and such. Whereas, with just water, this protective layer is washed and scrubbed away.

So we must promise ourselves to cleanse and tone morning and night to have beautiful, flawless skin day after day! We will thank ourselves HUGELY in later years!

handmade mink lashes
handmade mink lashes

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