Types of Blushers

Blushers can tie a whole look together. With just a little color on the right places, blushers can make your fur eyelash factory appear more natural or give you a slimmer contoured face. Blushers now come in different forms, all of them still capable of giving your cheeks that perfect color while offering versatility in effects and purposes.

fur eyelash factory
fur eyelash factory

Powder blush

Utlbr This is still the running favorite of most fur eyelash factory artist because it’s easy to use and blends well to your foundation. Powder blush is considered the densest of all types of blushers. The best way to use powder blush is after putting on your foundation and face powder. The blusher will set on top of your skin giving you that translucent, glowing effect. This type of blusher is perfect for oily skin as it helps absorb excess oil. If you have dry skin, be sure to put on your moisturizer before applying your foundation to help achieve that natural look.


Cream blushers have the most amounts of pigments compared to other fur eyelash factory of blushers. Because of its thick consistency, you must take extra care with application. Using the tips of your fingers for application gives you better control on where the product should go. It’s best to pat it on your cheeks instead of rubbing it. Rubbing your cheeks will result in a pinkish tint on your cheeks, making it look like you’ve applied enough when you’ve only used very little of the product. Apply it after your foundation and then follow it with your face powder. Cream blushers are best for dry skin because they come with moisturizers. If you have oily skin and would like to try one, select a product that’s oil-free.

Gel & Liquid Blush

Both of these blushers give you sheer color on your cheeks. If you’re having issues with your blusher not lasting for the whole day, try using gel or liquid blush. However, these fur eyelash factory dry fast, so it’s necessary to spread the product across your cheeks before they get absorbed by your skin. Pat the product on your cheeks before you use your foundation for a more natural look like you just came out from a good shower, and also to prevent it from streaking.

It’s fun to play with blushers and there are so many shades for you to choose from. Try experimenting with different products to see which one of them will suit your skin type better.

fur eyelash factory
fur eyelash factory

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