Tween To Teen! When Did This Happen?

Being a parent and watching our babies grow up is tough, we all know it. I am just beginning to false mink lashes this evolution from little girl to tween to teen with my daughter turning 14 going on 21. I’m writing this with my first parenting experience with raising a child this age, BUT, I clearly remember my tween and teen years, and OMG (lol) I can’t believe the things I got away with!

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false mink lashes

Utlbr My parents came fro Europe and held very strict, or what I called old fashioned at the time, with regard to false mink lashes for myself and sisters and not so much baby brother that came along much later than this time in my life. I’m writing this article I think to just tell the story of what has happened with my daughter in a matter of months, but I feel I need to tell many parents our there what I actually got away with! Believe me, not all of your little angels are little angels, I don’t want to insult anyone because I know there are great kids out there that don’t have the personality or genes that could cause a child to act out. Instead of telling all the stories, I’d be here for hours, and should probably just write a book if I told you all the stories of my early and later teen years, I bet this would be a bestseller, I am going to write a quick list and get back to here and now with teens.

What Margo got away with as a teenager:

*Illegally drove my false mink lashes car to a friends house at age 15 (driving age was 16) almost daily, when my mother went on her daily walk ( with exceptions to the days my father wasn’t working).

*Movies with my girlfriends- NOT- I’d tell my mom I’d meet my friends parents at the end of the drive way so that they couldn’t see that a boy was picking me up> ( I wasn’t allowed to date).

*I was at a keg party at the beach in the next town EVERY weekend.
*We ( a group of abut 20 guys and girls tht hung out, sometimes only 4 or 5, other times up to 40 would go pool hopping after drinking in all the neighborhood pools, many times without a …

* The group used to all drive up to a private pool false mink lashes on the other side of town and just for fun, jump the fences and go skinny dipping in the dark.

*I was able to funnel a beer quicker than most guys I hung around with.

*If we were sleeping over a particular friends house, we’d sneak our for the night and go to a party…

*I used to sneak my boyfriend at one point, into my closet with a large storage area in my bedroom and he lived there off and on a few days at a time, he had problems/issues with his adoptive parents.

* I once hung my head out of the window of a friends parents’ car and was puking away (throwing up) right in downtown St (a city) as the car was moving, I was so false mink lashes. WHY my “FRIENDS” drove me home like that (well, they couldn’t deal with me , and wanted to go back to the party to drink more), because when I got in, I tried to make it to my bedroom without wobbling, which meant passing by my father watching TV. Of course there was a couch in my way and as I walked behind it falling right over it gave my dad a hint something was up………grounded from hanging out in Stamford anymore, but he didn’t tell my mom ( the tough one) until he found out that I went back to Stamford the next weekend. Extra grounded.
*Many experimented with illegal drugs… I a m not going to write names or incriminate myself here.

Okay, let’s stop there, I do not want to let my mother know any more than she needs to if she ever comes across this.

One of the firsts of my ‘deviant” behaviors was sneaking on false mink lashes in seventh grade, and forging late notes, just to be able to walk to school with a friend instead of taking the bus.

Back to my daughter and parenting. The first issue to arise, other than having all label brand named clothing, a horse and almost anything she wants, (spoiled) she is a great kid, with a big heart. But one day I noticed some eyeliner on her, all I had really allowed her to wear was lipgloss, she’s gorgeous without false mink lashes. I try as a mother not to dictate but explain why things are the way they are and why I don not allow some things. The makeup issue was fairly easily solved when I found the Mineral Girls line. This small company has recently opened , is growing very quickly and I love their stuff!! Their target market is tweens and teens, and they offer very light makeup, still having the trendy colors and they are natural! The consultants for Mineral Girlz will even come and teach your teen and her friends how to correctly apply the makeup, and help choose the most compatible color choices at an affordable price.

I had come across Mineral Girlz as I was building my e-commerce website, that also targets a teenage market. My website offers trendy products, not necessarily all name false mink lashes, but items my teen would wear and use. I liked what I saw about Mineral Girlz just by visiting their website and immediately added a link to their site form mine! I then decided to see how I could get in on Mineral Girlz, as statistics show teens and young women are spending the most $$$ of daddys’ hard earned dollars shopping, to keep up with the trends and be with the “in “crowd. So I signed up as a basic consultant, and then upgraded to a senior consultant. As a senior consultant I receive commissions from all consultants I bring on or sponsor, as well as commissions on sales of anyone they may bring aboard. The timing was and still is perfect to start, since they only opened in Feb of this year 2007.

false mink lashes
false mink lashes

The company works much like “mary kay” or “false mink lashes’ but on a much trendier level, with an untapped market!. The company has many ways for their consultants to offer their products to teen s and moms. Beside the obvious, tell your friends and family, we offer fundraisers, make-up parties or sleepover make-up parties. Mineral Girlz also offers a line “Creationz By me” which is your choice of bottles of shampoo, bubble bath oil, conditioner and lotion, then you can choose for around 30 colors and @ 30 different scents for the girls to make their own beauty products! This is great for younger girls, and much less expensive than some parties, and it’s the newest idea, because we know of that “unsaid” competition to throw our children the best, most talked about birthday parties! lol

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