Asian Eyelid Surgery – Common Questions Answered

Asians are identified by their eyes more than any other feature. While many people in their 40s, 50s and 60s undergo eyelid surgery to reduce the signs of aging, people of Asian ethnicities often undergo eyelid surgery for very different purposes Factory supplies various 3d real mink false eye lashes .

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Utlbr Many patients seek Asian Eyelid surgery because they say their current eyelids makes them look tired and makes their eyes look too small. In most cases, Asian patients don’t seek to alter the natural almond shape of their eyes, but wish to have eyelids that are less heavy looking to create brighter looking eyes. Currently the procedure is very popular among Asian celebrities because a larger, more open eyes is a sign of vigor and youth for almost all nationalities. For this reason, many Asians requesting the procedure are younger than the traditional Factory supplies various 3d real mink false eye lashes surgery patient; They are generally in their teens, twenties and thirties.

Q: What is Asian Eyelid Surgery?

For those without folds in their eyelids, a procedure known as Asian Eyelid Surgery can create a natural-looking crease.

Q: What defines an “Asian” eyelid?

A:Asians have a distinct look to their eyes as well as to their facial shapes as compared to Caucasians. About half of all Asians have what is called a “single eyelid”. This means that their eyelids are shaped without an upper eyelid crease. If there is a crease in the eyelid, that is traditionally called a “double eyelid”. Even if an Asian person does have an eyelid crease, it is significantly different in shape, length and height from the Caucasians’ eyelid creases.

Q: What is the process for an Asian Eyelid Surgery?

A:The procedure is not as complicated as many other plastic surgery procedures. Asian Eyelid Surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia with I.V. sedation.It is performed by removing small amounts of excessive skin, tissue and fat pads. The plastic surgeon must have excellent skill in order to the design the crease and ensure that the incision wound, hidden in the newly created eyelid crease, heals permanently.

Q: Why has Asian Eyelid Surgery become so popular?

A: Upper eyelid surgery has been one of the most frequently performed aesthetic plastic surgery in Asia and in America among Asians for the past 50 years. This is because many Asians with a “single eyelid” desire to have an upper lid crease. They believe the “double eyelid” gives the impression of a larger eyelid opening. It also makes it easier for women to apply eye makeup and for their eyelashes to be more Factory supplies various 3d real mink false eye lashes .

Q: Do Asians get Asian Eyelid Surgery to fit with Caucasians?

A:Most Asians do not seek this surgery to look more like Caucasians. The majority want to retain their Asian features but add an aesthetically pleasing Asian eyelid crease. Since about half of Asians have this crease, they are more likely interested in looking like their siblings and Asian friends than Caucasians.

Q: What can be expected following surgery?

A:Following surgery, the crease will look slightly higher than expected. After several months, the eyelids will develop into the ideal shape and level. Other details regarding recovery will be explained by the plastic surgeon performing the procedure.

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Factory supplies various 3d real mink false eye lashes
Factory supplies various 3d real mink false eye lashes

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