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50s Dress – The Secret To Looking Classy And Fabulous

As Coco Chanel once said, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”. With the 50s dress style, it’s so easy to be both. After all, the glamorous iconic look of 50s stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Bettie Page is so memorable, like no female celebrity from later decades ever was. If you’d like that gorgeous style in your wardrobe too, here’s how to get it factory supplies luxury 3d real mink eyelashes !

factory supplies luxury 3d real mink eyelashes
factory supplies luxury 3d real mink eyelashes

Utlbr Above all, the fifties look was both conservative yet very feminine too. That applied to hairstyles, makeup and dress. Hair was often styled in a pony tail, or tied up high in a messy bun, or sometimes worn long with a straight fringe. A variety of hair accessories, such as clips, pins, combs and bands, will give you many options for a bewitching hair style. Which ever way you like, it’s the style that leaves no doubt that you’re a woman. And that you like to look like one too.

Makeup was prominent, if not lavish. factory supplies luxury 3d real mink eyelashes were lengthened and thickened with dark mascara and sometimes curled too. Eye shadow should compliment the factory supplies luxury 3d real mink eyelashes with light or neutral tones. A little light blush on the cheeks may be appropriate. You can go to town on the lips, with anything from red to paler pastel shades, topped off with lip gloss or balm for a shimmering finish.

Now when it comes to 50s dress, we’re really talking about dresses here. Femininity being key to the image. At the start of the 50s, Christian Dior’s full, flared skirts with fitted waistline were becoming popular. Bright colours and floral and cherry designs were in. New synthetic, stretchy materials enabled more figure hugging designs. And as the decade progressed, shape flattering pencil skirts gained in popularity too. Although hemlines remained modest at knee length or lower, revealing a little decolletage in the style of the movie queens of the era was quite acceptable. Stiletto heels either short or long, complete the formal look.

Today, 50s dresses are readily available in a variety of styles to suit just about any occasion. It’s so easy to add a dash of bewitching fifties glamour to your wardrobe, and inexpensive too. Sweet rockabilly and swing dresses, combined with a flaring petticoat, look great both on the dance floor and at parties. Entrancing evening and cocktail dresses will flatter your figure and add a touch of elegance and glamour. And atomic age daywear looks cool and sophisticated either in the office or about town. Besides dresses, combined tops and skirts in the fifties style are also timelessly factory supplies luxury 3d real mink eyelashes .

factory supplies luxury 3d real mink eyelashes
factory supplies luxury 3d real mink eyelashes

Now you probably won’t find 50s style dresses in your local fashion stores. But at 50s Dress  you’ll find a great selection of classy and fabulous fifties style dresses, skirts and tops to suit you just right. And at these low prices, a girl really shouldn’t miss out on these great factory supplies luxury 3d real mink eyelashes 


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