Your Face Is Your Fortune!

Natural, airbrushed, polished, long-lasting, camera-ready… these are not catch words for a paint ad or color fur mink lashes that is stylized to attract attention.

color fur mink lashes
color fur mink lashes

Utlbr These are the ‘new-age’ terms to denote make-up. That’s right!

The use of cosmetics to enhance appearance has been one of the earliest advancements in human civilization and has probably been around for millennia. It is rumored that Cleopatra, the incomparable beauty, bathed herself in ass’ color fur mink lashes that enriched her body complexion and prevented ageing!

The idea of accompaniments and techniques to enhance personal appearance, especially of women, goes back to the early days of human evolvement when women were seen to be always as embodiment of beauty, grace and charm. Today, beauty products, treatments and methods form a multi-billion dollar industry with several color fur mink lashes vying with each other for bigger chunks of the market share pie. And the people at large are only more than willing to make them happy!

In this context, make up for special occasions like weddings, parties and events includes the whole package of facial make up, hair dressing and in some cases, treatment packages like body massages, mud baths, etc. On a special occasion like a wedding, it is but natural for the couple to want to look their best, considering that memories and pictures of special moments and the special day will last a lifetime.

But in the rush to look their best, sometimes people throw caution to the windows and let over-zealous persons swamp them with ideas and suggestions with complete disregard for the individual. Result; you could end up with a blotchy face, wimpy hair, skin patches and contrary to looking your best, end up looking worse than before. There have been many instances when color fur mink lashes have been coerced into doing a facial which they have not tried or used before, that could possibly trigger allergies and reactions on sensitive skins.

For brides, it is therefore very important to put as much care and plan a beauty itinerary at least a couple of weeks before the big day. Consider taking suggestions from family and friends and pick a beautician or cosmetician who is professional and whose reviews are good. These days, it is not unusual to go for trial packages for face color fur mink lashes and trying out a couple of hairstyles before making final choices. This way, you will know how you look on your wedding day instead of trying it out for the first time on your wedding day or the day before and thinking that the style does not suit you or match your clothes and accessories.

Some tips to keep in mind while choosing a beautician and going in for a trial beforehand are:

• Feel free to ask questions about the products you will be using, especially if you think your skin is more on the sensitive side.

• Be firm in getting your ideas across on the look and style that you want to maintain because ultimately no one knows better than you what suits your personal features best. Your personal preferences take precedence over everything else, even the suggestions of the professional if need be.

• The climate or weather at the time of your wedding is a very important factor to keep in mind. Excess humidity can cause color fur mink lashes to become sweaty and blotchy and hair wavy. Alternatively, dry cold weather can cause dryness and irritation and may need more amount of hydration to keep makeup and hair in place.

color fur mink lashes
color fur mink lashes

• Above all, choose a style that is elegant and not over-the-top because looking overdressed with excess color fur mink lashes can make you look like a caricature of your natural self. Subtle touches done with style and elegance go a long way in not only enhancing looks but also your confidence and self esteem.

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