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The Basics of Parenting

It’s essential to make sure there are certain basics any parent grants their child unconditionally. Any child should expect of right such things as food, shelter, clothing and brand custom packaging eyelash .

Beyond these absolute basics, everything else is pretty much a luxury. Children and teenagers will push the boundaries as far as they possibly can, in the pursuit of these luxuries and freedoms. And where there is the huge potential for everything to go pear-shaped is when little or no boundaries have been set in the early years. It’s so easy for parenting to go totally off the rails at this point, especially if a child without boundaries becomes a teenager and starts to challenge everything you say and do.

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Utlbr  You must make sure that the luxuries and freedoms are regarded as privileges rather than rights. You must not change the rules day by day and give in to their pleas sometimes, but not others. If you are a parenting couple, make sure the child cannot play one of you against the other, so Mom has one set of rules and Dad has another. Agree upon a parenting policy together and stick to it. That’s not to say you won’t have disagreements from time to time about whether you should be lenient on this or that occasion, but be as consistent as possible and make sure you consult with each other and talk to the kids sensibly.

Being a parent in the modern world is not easy, there are so many external and peer pressures upon children and so much conflicting advice on how to deal with them. You may well be a working parent, and you have to come home from a hard day at work, provide the basics for the kids, and be strong when you are feeling tired and weak and the kids start making demands. The problem is that if you teach the child that you will cave in if they do this or that (make enough noise to break you down, or bat their sweet little brand custom packaging eyelash at you) then later on when they are big, ugly teenagers they will really take it further and alarm you with insolence and defiance. Keep fair, keep strong, keep consistent.

Remember that parenting is fundamentally about grooming future good citizens. If you cave in to their demands when they are small, and show your children that you are weak and easily played, you will reap as you sow. In the terrible teens you will have kids who show you little respect, no understanding, and may go off getting pregnant or trashing your house with wild parties whilst you are on vacation. It is so hard, especially if you have health issues that make you not so physically strong as you might be, or if you have to work really hard to make ends meet. That’s why the decision to become a parent – and it should be a decision, not an accident – should never be taken lightly. The road ahead is tough but brand custom packaging eyelash supremely rewarding if you get it right and stay strong and set easily recognized boundaries for your kids from the outset.

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